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The winter storm on Friday into early Saturday was a whopper... definitely got going after sunset in central Iowa. The golden shovel goes to Des Moines -- the airport recorded 14.3"! Here's the reports from across Iowa:

Most of my local area picked up 1-7" with the heaviest setting up in the central part of the state. The wind cranked up overnight and lead to tough travel due to blowing and drifting.

Here's a wider view of the snow from the storm:

Now the snow is gone and colder air is in place. Temperatures will remain in the teens and 20s Sunday afternoon:

A weak disturbance will move through Sunday afternoon/evening and bring the chance for light snow/freezing drizzle:

Temperatures stay cool on Monday:

The rest of January will likely remain cold and below normal...

We'll discuss more of the details of the chill in my next post... RK


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