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For the last week temperatures have generally been running below normal. It's been cool, it's been kinda crappy outside. In fact, you can see just how far from normal we've been here:

We've been stuck in this northwest flow in the upper levels of the atmosphere. Most recently due to a storm system moving through:

As the storm departed we had a lovely day Friday. Temperatures in the 70s, sunshine, low humidity. Now a ridge of high pressure will move in, ushering in warmth and mugginess:

Under the ridge we'll stay mostly dry. To the northwest under and east of the troughiness will be the storm track. So the warmth will grow on Saturday:

And storms will be most likely in South Dakota:

The heat is on Sunday:

And storms will be most likely in northwest Iowa into the Dakotas and Minnesota:

The unofficial start of summer will feel like it with temperatures pushing 90:

Humidity will be high:

And once again storms will be most likely to the west of the area:

We'll see that storm track gradually migrate to the east as we head into next week. More on that in the coming days...


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