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It was a dry start to the weekend, but some rain is on the way for the end.

It's no secret it's been dry around here. In fact, there's been very little in significant rain over the last 30 days. Drought has been worsening over the last few weeks, with many locations dealing with extreme drought conditions:

This is due to months of abnormally dry weather, many spots are running below normal by 6 to 12 inches on the year!

Now Sunday will start mostly dry with temperatures climbing close to 80 once again:

Humidity will still be relatively low:

It will be fairly comfortable during the day, but humidity will increase overnight as a cold front approaches:

A few scattered showers will be possible Sunday evening:

With more widespread rain overnight into Monday morning:

Moisture levels won't be terribly high, but there may be enough energy for a few storms. Rain in a lot of spots will be light, with any storms leading to pockets of heavier rain. Here are some projected rainfall totals from the HRRR model:

Unfortunately this seems to be our only chance for rain in some time as even colder and drier air moves in behind this system:

But for now we'll take a chance for some very much so needed rain!

Rebecca Kopelman


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