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Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana shortly before noon on Sunday. Ida was a powerful category four hurricane at the time with winds of 150 mph. An awful situation unfolded throughout the day on Sunday.

The winds are one part of it, but the bigger part is the water. The storm has been pushing water onshore and leading to flooding. Hopefully levees hold up along the coastal state and mitigate it - especially compared to what happened 16 years ago (August 29, 2005) when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans.

Unfortunately Ida is moving slowly and Sunday night will be long for Louisiana. The storm will weaken over land and continue northeast over the eastern U.S. this week:

Closer to home we're having flooding issues of our own due to the recent heavy rains in northern Iowa... up to 12" potentially in some spots.

There's still some flooding around some cities as the Wapsipinicon, Cedar, and Turkey rivers rise. There are multiple Flood Warnings in effect as a result:

There have been near record crests on some of the rivers already and flooding will continue for a few days. Luckily much of Sunday was dry after some early morning rain. Monday will be quiet with plenty of sunshine and relatively low humidity:

There will then be the chance for some rain on Tuesday, however it does look like a lot of the rain will be in western Iowa.

We then will have a few dry days, which will be super beneficial to allow rivers to rise and then fall. The next chance for rain may arrive by the end of the week on Friday.



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