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The faucet has been turned back on... many of us have been lacking rainfall recently and now we're turning toward a more active pattern. Sunday won't be a washout, but like Saturday could have waves of rain. There may be a few showers in the morning with a good chunk of dry time in the afternoon. Temperatures will warm into the 70s and 80s:

A boundary draped across the state will lead to thunderstorms in the afternoon:

There is the potential for some isolated severe thunderstorms -- but the threat is conditional, meaning it's dependent on how the ingredients in the atmosphere come together:

Some storms may produce large hail and there's a low (but not zero) chance of an isolated tornado due to that boundary in place leading to wind shear.

Storms will be most likely after 5 pm:

Some additional showers and thunderstorms will be possible overnight into Monday morning:

Additional showers and storms will be possible Monday afternoon:

And yet again on Wednesday:

Over the next few days half an inch to an inch totals will be likely with some two inch totals in spots. That will be beneficial for the area -- we're not dealing with drought conditions but have been falling behind on rainfall!



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