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Summer is making a comeback in late September across the Upper Midwest. So much so that temperatures will be nearing record highs this week. It starts on Monday:

Per the National Weather Service, here's the record highs for September 27th:

Moline.........90 in 1990
Cedar Rapids...89 in 1954
Dubuque........88 in 1954
Burlington.....91 in 1905

It's going to be a toasty day -- close to those records! There will be a weak cold front that comes through on Monday and will lead to a bit of a breeze in the afternoon:

The warmth will continue through the week with an omega block pattern in place:

This pattern is known as an "omega block" because it looks like the Greek letter and also because the pattern gets stuck. You have the warmth (red) in the middle with a ridge of high pressure and cooler, stormy weather on either side (blue) with the troughs of low pressure.

That pattern will hold through the week and start to break down by the weekend:

During this stretch the weather will be mostly dry, sunny, and warm. Temperatures in the 80s continue Tuesday:

Wednesday will be another toasty day:

Temperatures will remain above normal through the end of September and into the first week or so of October.



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