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It's quiet as a mouse...well we'll get in the holiday spirit and say bunny. I think we'll certainly take a quiet and warm couple of days around here, too! Easter Sunday will be a sunny and mild day:

I'm sure the Easter Bunny will be pretty hoppy about this one! The warmth continues into next week and continues to grow. We'll be near/above 70 on Monday:

The sunny, warm weather persists on Tuesday:

And by Wednesday and Thursday we're likely approaching 80 territory:

The reason for the dry and mild weather can be found in the upper levels of the atmosphere:

A big honkin' ridge of high pressure has forced the jet stream (the storm track) to the north. So that's keeping us dry and quiet. It's also pumping in warmer air combined with southerly surface winds, allowing for temperatures to rise 10 to 20 degrees above normal through the week.

Further proof of the quiet weather - little to no precipitation is expected through Friday:

Spring has sprung! Enjoy it and have a Happy Easter! Rebecca Kopelman

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