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The mild weather continues over the next few days in the region. Clouds build back in on Sunday but temperatures continue to rise well above freezing:

Temperatures will continue to rise into Monday as our next storm system moves in:

We'll start to see the beginnings of this system late Sunday night with some light rain/drizzle. Rain will continue to fall throughout the day Monday as this low pressure system moves across Iowa:

There's the possibility there could be some thunder with this system too with some models showing some instability Monday afternoon:

Because of the proximity of the low pressure system there will be quite a bit of spin in the atmosphere. It can't be completely discounted, but there could be some brief, isolated tornadoes. It's just simply a very low risk and something to keep an eye on. The Hi-Resolution Rapid Refresh model is showing this with some individual cells:

Once this system passes, cooler air will begin to move in for the remainder of the week:

As the colder air moves in we'll be watching a winter storm Wednesday night into Thursday:

You can see there's some pretty good agreement with the GFS model as the European model above:

I'm hesitant to go too deep into the nitty gritty details since we're still several days out. There's certainly plenty of time to sort out all of the details of how much snow and exactly where.

Winter isn't done with us yet! RK


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