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Sunday was another beautiful day across the Upper Midwest. But the coming week will be an example of how Mother Nature can giveth and taketh away.

A storm system will begin to move in and bring clouds and rain into the area come Monday.

Temperatures will start to get knocked back in western Iowa, but remain similar in eastern Iowa and Illinois:

There will be more showers and thunderstorms further to the east on Tuesday as the storm moves across Iowa. There will be the potential for some strong storms, especially east of the Mississippi, but we'll still have to work on the details on that in the coming days...

Temperatures will start to drop some with more clouds and more rain:

And then the rain will end from west to east as the storm moves away on Wednesday:

And temperatures will be lower as cooler starts to move in:

There's a good amount of agreement on how much rain will fall with this system. And still that the bulk of it will fall in western Iowa:

There will then be another system that moves in on Thursday into Friday that will bring more rain -- and potentially heavy rain -- to the region. The track of this storm is still uncertain at this point and will likely change being several days out:

Hopefully you soaked up the spring preview while it lasted... we'll be caught in this active, cooler pattern for around two weeks.