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Saturday started early with some spectacular sights... the Northern Lights put on quite a show across the United States. There were reports and photos down to the Florida Keys! Here's a shot from Marion, Iowa when a substorm occurred around 1 am:

The signal is not quite as strong for Saturday night, but there will be the potential to see the aurora again. It may end up being more vibrant overnight, but it's a waiting game!

If you saw the lights (or saw the pictures) here's an explanation of the colors:

Saturday then continued with sunshine and beautiful weather! Sunday will be another pleasant day with mild temperatures:

Most of Mom's Day will be dry with rain chances increasing as a slow moving cold front arrives, mainly after 7pm:

Scattered showers and storms will continue on and off through Monday:

Tuesday and Wednesday will be mostly dry with another system arriving Thursday bringing in more rain:

We have been making huge strides with the drought and don't want to get too much rain. Hopefully we can continue the delicate balance!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

Rebecca Kopelman


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