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After a chilly, frosty few days summer will be making a comeback over the next week or so.

Sunday was a sunny, but cool day across the Midwest. Here were the temperatures in the afternoon:

There will be another chance for frost Sunday night into Monday morning as temperatures dip into 30s once again:

As we head through the week we'll warm up with plenty of sunshine each day and... really not much else. Little to no precipitation is expected over the next week. Here's the GFS precipitation through next Saturday:

Even with the lack of precipitation there will be a few cold fronts that come through the region. There just won't be enough moisture to allow for rain to fall. The fronts will lead to some ups and downs in the temperatures this week and then warmer air will move in over the weekend/next week.

Here's a look at the temperature trends on the GFS for Cedar Rapids and the Quad Cities respectively:

It does look like things start to cool down toward the middle of the month. But it does look like we'll get one more taste of summer before we fade into fall. It's not unusual for us to still get into the 70s and 80s this time of year. The average date for the last 80 degree dat is October 9th. So this isn't far off.

Enjoy the Fall swings!



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