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For those of you out and about early Friday you can expect a crisp start to the day and in some spots jack frost may display a little of his handiwork. How much (if any frost) is found will be determined by the amount and speed of any clearing that takes place. Most areas should see significant clearing so chances are good many spots will dip into the range of 34-38 to start the day. Where clearing is more extensive in local areas a few spots might even dip as low as 30-32, especially in the NW. The GFS suggests we start with readings that look like this.

That sets us up for a chilly day ahead but at least it will be dry. With less wind and partly sunny skies we can expect a better day than Thursday but it's going to be fresh with highs struggling to get much above 50 in the north. Low to mid 50s elsewhere. The GFS has this for highs.

That leads us into the weekend and our next weather maker which is a clipper. It arrives with clouds later Friday night and some shower chances Saturday and parts of Saturday night. The latest GFS and EURO are less organized with a surface low and thus produce a weaker system in terms of strength and lighter rain totals. In the end this won't be much of a rain producer. Both models are in good agreement on rain amounts. The EURO shows this for totals.

The GFS has this for the same period.

The system is going to be progressive and that indicates the showers that fall are out by Sunday and skies should become mostly sunny by afternoon. Temperatures will remain chilly all weekend long with readings only in the 50s. I'll also add that depending on cloud cover, at least scattered frost is possible in some part of my area Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings. Something to watch.

A welcome warning trend sets in Monday with highs into the low 60s Monday and approaching 70 Tuesday. That will be a welcome change. Roll weather and TGYF...TS


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