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Saturday will be day number five with a high temperature of 70 or above over much of the central Midwest, an unprecedented achievement in November. Here's some of the mid-day temperature departures Friday showing these types of readings are 22 to 32 degrees above normal across the NC United States.

By all accounts the warmth will remain at these exceptional levels through the weekend and into Monday. Most areas will enjoy highs in the low 70s, about 20 degrees above normal. When it's good, it's sensational!

If you're wondering where the cold is look no further than Alaska where lows were well below zero in interior sections a couple of mornings ago. They can have it.

By the way, we continue to be in a dry pattern going back 14 days to October 24th. In Cedar Rapids the total rain during that 2 week period is .01".

That period would typically see about 1.25" across the majority of my area.

The dry stretch will extend to 17 days before we start the rain machine up. Once we get it running there are signs that the 6-10 day pattern has the potential to be wet. Notice the Climate Prediction Center seeing that trend indicating above normal rainfall over the eastern half of the nation.

When you see the 500mb pattern that's projected it makes perfect sense with the trough over the west and ridge dominating the east.

That promotes the thermal contrast (or fight) between warm and cold air that dynamically is known to be an efficient precipitation producer.

The GFS is certainly on board showing this for total precipitation through November 22nd.

The EURO is slightly different in placement but has the same idea of wet weather across the heartland.

The onslaught of rain signifies a return to more seasonal weather with 40s and 50s back in the fold the middle and end of next week. You knew it had to happen but man, what a stretch of Indian Summer! Roll weather...TS


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