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Hi everybody, We have had a tremendous response to our new book Derecho 911, Iowa's Inland Hurricane. We only have 83 copies left from the first printing and we continue to get requests about giving the book as a gift. It's too late to get an actual copy to you for Christmas, but we have come up with a couple solutions that will get the job done until it arrives. All you need to do is order your copy at and we will send you the card and youtube link that will work as the temporary alternative for the book. Here's what you will get.

1. THE FESTIVE CARD OPTION. I have created a special card that announces the recipient is getting a copy of Derecho 911 as a gift. You can print it out, wrap it up, add a bow, and give it as a substitute until the book arrives.

2. THE YOUTUBE PERSONAL GREETING ANNOUNCEMENT. I have also generated a 3:50 minute youtube video message wishing your loved one(s) a merry Christmas with the "personal" announcement they are receiving a copy of Derecho 911. It's a nice intimate touch. Be sure and watch it.

You can give either option or both. Thanks for considering the gift of weather and Carolyn and I are hoping you are enjoying the holiday season as much as we are. Here's a picture from Freeport, Maine. We did a little shopping at the LL Bean store there Saturday. It was extremely pretty with all the snow and the Christmas lights! Roll weather...


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