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The big weather story Sunday will be the storm system cutting across the southeastern U.S. As happened Saturday, strong instability and shear will exist for active thunderstorms and severe weather. The Storm Prediction Center has this area below highlighted for the risk.

The Midwest will be on the backside of the system where northerly winds and strong subsidence will create quiet weather conditions. Despite the northerly winds, temperatures will continue mild in the upper 3os to mid 40s over much of the Midwest. This will be the 8th consecutive day with above normal readings in my local area.

Conditions will remain mild and quiet until late Tuesday when another disturbance crosses the Midwest. This one is expected to track across SE Iowa spreading rain and some snow into northern regions. The surface pattern looks like this Tuesday evening. The snow at that time is near or north of HWY 20.

With surface temperatures near to above normal the duration of the event the snow is not likely to cause serious travel problems or delays. The GFS has this for total snow accumulations.

The EURO is a bit heavier and further south but I’m not ready to bite in that trend considering the meager cold air available for snow production. Here’s a tight and regional view of its snowfall forecast.

South of the snow rain will rule and the GFS has this for total rainfall.

The EURO has this.

Once again it looks like another snow system will largely pass to my north. By then it will have been 39 days since we last had a 1″ snowfall in Cedar Rapids and much of my surrounding area. (December 17th was the last time here). For the month of January the snow total stands at 0.2″. Needless to say I am not a happy camper. Roll weather…TS

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