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The weather pattern the past couple weeks has been about as uneventful as it gets. A few local spots have seen some rain and snow but it's been nothing to write home about. Here's the total February precipitation reported so far from the Midwest Climate Center. Most areas have had 2/10" or less.

As you can see in the graphic below much of the region has seen less than 50% of their mean rain and snow to date. Large areas have had 10% to as little as none.

Looking ahead the dry trend is not going to end anytime soon. The mild westerly flow that will keep temperatures well above normal will also be void of moisture. Here's what the GFS has for total precipitation through next Sunday. High and dry for most of the Midwest.

To be honest, there just isn't much to talk about aside from the general warmth of the pattern. That is a big deal and the EURO is still putting out huge numbers for this weekend. Check out the highs it's showing for Saturday and Sunday. Fingers crossed for this!

The GFS is several degrees cooler this weekend but still in the range of 55-60 for much of my area. Lately the EURO has been verifying better so I'm hoping it stays on a hot streak. Whatever happens, we're in for a springlike weekend. I'm good with it! Roll weather...TS

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