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Temperatures have been well above normal and snowfall is well below. I know we start to sound like broken records, but it's not been very wintry around here at all.

Temperatures as a whole are already running 7 degrees above normal for February. And it's not over... temperatures will stay well above normal through the middle of the week. What's happening is pretty unusual.

Above are the longest consecutive days in the 60s recorded in February. For the Quad Cities the record is 7 days, which also happened in 1930. Two days down so far and we have at least 4 more days of highs in the 60s. We will likely break some of the streaks left behind 87 years ago.

We talked about the first storm that comes through Monday. A second storm comes through later in the week. This is still 5 days out so the track is going to change but here's the projected surface pattern on the GFS and Euro Friday morning:

Right now the European is a little further north than the GFS, but both models do bring in some light snow on the back end of the storm. The bulk of the snow will likely end up in the Dakotas and Minnesota.

This storm will mark the beginning of the pattern change that will bring colder temperatures back to the Midwest.

What goes up.. must come down.... Here's the GFS ensemble temperature forecast for the next 16 days in Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Omaha, St. Louis and Minneapolis:

We'll go from record high temperatures to below normal in a matter of days!


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