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A winter storm is taking aim at the Midwest tonight after a record warm spell. Blizzard Warnings and Winter Storm Warnings have been posted from Iowa to Minnesota. 

Blizzard Warnings are in orange, Winter Storm Warnings in pink and Winter Storm Watches in dark blue.

There has been a shift in the models to the southeast with the heaviest snowfall. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Warnings come down to the SE later today. 

Here's the snowfall on the GFS and European:

A tighter view on my local area on the GFS:

And the Euro:

There still could be some changes to the exact track and amounts, but there will be some big numbers on the table where there were just some very warm temperatures! 

Snow starts tonight in the north and winds will be picking up as well. 

You can see the latest snowfall totals on all of the models on our winter page!

Welcome back, winter!


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