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Wednesday spring had sprung around the Midwest with a whole slew of record breaking highs. Today, the tide has turned and a winter storm will bring wind, cold, and snow to my area and many other parts of the Midwest. I came across a cartoon today that made me chuckle. If you're not from Iowa, insert your state and and I'm sure it will be appropriate. Nothing like the variety of Midwest weather!

Mid-day Friday the system that harshly brings us back to reality is located near the southeast tip of Iowa. Here's what the GFS shows for associated weather and surface features. Wind driven snow is falling from NW Iowa into SE Minnesota and central Wisconsin

Here's whats fallen in Iowa as of noon.

By mid-day the storm is advancing into Illinois. Cold air wrapping around the low is spreading snow southeast towards eastern Iowa. Heavier snow continues up north.

By evening the snow has nearly reached the Mississippi and covers much of Iowa and Wisconsin on its way to NW Illinois. Heavy snow continues to pile up in northern Iowa. SE Minnesota, and the NW 2/3rds of Wisconsin.

Saturday morning light snow or flurries are winding down as the storm makes its way into Canada.

By then strong NW winds and cold air have taken up residence over the entire Midwest. That spring feeling is long gone! Here's the highs the GFS shows for Saturday. Wind chills below that.

The GFS has this for additional snow totals.

The cold that follows the storm Saturday lingers into Sunday. However, there appears to be little in the way of precipitation around the Midwest until Tuesday of next week. If you are looking for more in the way of weather information check out the home page of the new and improved You will find links to radar, winter weather, currents, models, forecasts, blogs and much more. I hope you like the new look. We worked hard to bring you a full service weather page focused on the Midwest.

That's it for a busy Thursday. Have a great weekend and we'll see you right back here before you know it. Roll weather...TS

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