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Confidence is growing that a late winter storm will develop and impact much of the Midwest with snow late Sunday and into Monday. Things such as the final track and intensity are not fully defined but there is enough consistency that some NWS offices have issued winter storm watches. (see below). These will very likely be extended further east and south by tomorrow morning.

The Weather Prediction Center has this for odds of at least an inch of snow.

There is a difference between the EURO and GFS on where the storm tracks. The afternoon GFS remains further south and its updated snowfall forecast looks like this.

The EURO is further north and that makes a difference as you can see in its latest snowfall forecast.

Here's a closer EURO perspective.

The NAM is actually a compromise and more of a middle of the road solution.

Needless to say models will need to converge on some sort of solution and that will most likely happen tomorrow when data gets better sampled as it enters the west coast. Bottom line, a late season snow looks to be in order for most if not all of my local area. Ride low and stay tuned....TS

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