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It will be a weekend of indoor activities around the Midwest with clouds, rain and cool temperatures. The rain began Friday and brought up to a half an inch of water for some, as of 10 pm Friday.

It's not over yet as showers and even thunderstorms will continue through much of Saturday in the Midwest. Here's the HRRR (Hi-Resolution Rapid Refresh) Model through noon Saturday:

On top of a soggy day... it's not going to feel so great. Winds are going to be coming out of the east, off the Great Lakes, which will bring cool air to much of the Upper Midwest. In spots where its was in the 60s and 70s today (and where records were broken in Chicago and Moline) it will feel very different Saturday afternoon.

One exception will be much of Missouri and Illinois where 60s will persist Saturday afternoon. Rain will lighten up by the end of the day Saturday as the storm start to weaken. It's a slow mover though and will still be in the Midwest on Sunday! Here's a look at the surface pattern Sunday morning:

Most of the forcing with this system (and where more moisture will be) is down in the SE on Sunday. Still it's going to be cloudy, drizzly and just gloomy around much of the Midwest. By the end of the weekend, here's the total rainfall expected on the GFS (including some of what fell Friday):

And hey we can use the rain around the Midwest. There is a bit of a precipitation deficit this month and that has translated into the latest Drought Monitor:

There will be dry days here and there, but as a whole the pattern stays active. Here's the total precipitation over the next 10 days on the European and GFS:

There are differences between the two and the amounts will change, but it there is consistency with moisture in the spots that need it!


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