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April so far has already been a soggy month and it looks to end on a wet note. According to the Midwest Regional Climate Center over the last week and a half over 130 daily precipitation records were broken in the Midwest. Here's the precip so far for April:

The swaths of blue are 3 to 5 inches of rain - those areas already have above normal precipitation for the month. Despite all the rain, there are still some abnormally dry conditions in parts of Iowa, Illinois and Missouri. Here's the latest Drought Monitor:

With several systems expected to move through the Midwest in the coming days, there will be some relief in those areas. The first storm rolls through on Tuesday and won't be very strong. Here's the surface pattern Tuesday evening:

The first low is right on the Iowa/Missouri border and another will be charging up down in Texas. Here's the surface pattern Wednesday night:

It won't be raining constantly, of course, as there will be some breaks here and there. However, there could be some heavy rain over the weekend. Models are indicating a strong storm will develop and move through the MIdwest over the weekend. That situation will become clearer (in terms of track and impacts) in the coming days. It spells soggy though and check out the total precipitation for the next 10 days on the European and GFS:

There is some consistency with the location of the heavier rains, but the numbers will likely change and the locations could change as well. There will be a lot of moisture around and some high rainfall totals as we head into May. Before all this... there will be some nice, mild weather on Monday and Tuesday. Here are the highs expected both days:

Have a great week!


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