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Temperatures have been below normal for the last five days across much of the Midwest. Additionally, there's been clouds, rain, and brisk north winds. It was another day with a spread in temperatures across the U.S. on Sunday

The cool air isn't moving out just yet, but temperatures are going to improve through the week. First here's the expected high temperatures Monday afternoon:

There's also still some rain (and snow in spots) to get through on Monday. There already been plenty of rain along with flooding and severe weather across the central and southern United States. Here's the 24 hour rainfall from Saturday through Sunday morning:

There is still more rain to come, but luckily it won't be too heavy on Monday. Here's the surface pattern and precipitation expected through Tuesday morning:

There will likely be snow mixed in with the rain in extreme northwestern Iowa into parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Precip winds down late Monday night into Tuesday morning. Additional rainfall (including Sunday night) looks like this across the Midwest:

A closer look at my local area:

Snowfall amounts vary on the models.. here's a loot at the GFS and Euro:

I think there will be a comprise of the two on amounts and most of the snow will be in southwest Minnesota. The snow won't stick around too long and temperatures will gradually rise through the beginning of May. Here's the expected temperatures for the next 15 days in Cedar Rapids, Moline, Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Omaha:

There will be some drier days ahead.. Temperatures will be near and above normal by the end of the week and next weekend!


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