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Hey Everyone: We had to push back this year's chase to insure that everyone has a fabulous and productive time. The weather pattern, during the week we originally planned, was not offering that! So we moved the chase but unfortunately some of our original guests were not able to change their we have a few spaces open!

This year will be the 10th consecutive year for the tornado chase. Over that time there have been some magical moments, not the least of which was spending a week with Tom Skilling in 2010 tracking down a violent EF3 in Wakita, Oklahoma!

Now YOU can have the experience of witnessing natures most ferocious storms by joining Terry and his experienced team of meteorologists on the 2017 chase. It's short notice but we have a 2-3 last minute spots available for this years big event. You will not find a better price or more enjoyable group to live your chase dreams. We depart June 5th and return June 11th.

Below you can see Tom Skilling and Terry talking to world class chaser Reed Timmer following a day of chasing in a Sonic parking lot. That's the dominator in the foreground! Chaser convergence.

Pilger, Nebraska tornado taken by tswails chase team member Ethan Schiller.


The package includes a meet and greet orientation session on arrival day. The team will go over the goals of the trip and and the things you can do to get the most value out of your experience. Just as important, we'll go over safety and travel practices that are essential to make sure the trip is safe, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Each participant will get a 2017 tswails chase t-shirt, autographed copies of all 3 of Terry's books, a Terry Swails bobblehead, and at the conclusion of the trip, a group photo and memories that will last a lifetime!

Throughout the trip, you will have front row access to the daily briefings held by our team of 4 meteorologists to determine the days target destination. You'll get to watch and learn firsthand the art of severe weather analysis and forecasting. We believe firmly (and it's the teams goal) that you'll come away with a greater understanding of meteorology and how the atmosphere reacts in its most volitile state. This is a unique opportunity for you to learn about the formation, structure, and dynamics of severe weather.

You will travel in a spacious SUV that is equipped with the latest technology to keep your phones, laptops, and computers powered and connected to the internet. We'll also have private channel radios for vehicle to vehicle communications. We of course take care of fuel costs.

The package also includes your lodging throughout the tour. We'll go out of our way to see that you get a clean, comfortable room each night you travel with us. In general we try to stay at mainstream accommodations such as Fairfield Inn, Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Quality Inn, Super 8, Comfort Inn, etc.

Illinois tornado taken by tswails chase team member Kholby Martin.


To keep the fees as minimal as possible we do require that individuals pay for their own meals. We have found that with the diverse tastes and appetites of our guests that this works best. You can spend as much or as little on food as your hunger dictates. Be advised that we are on the go and there will be times when fast food is going to happen. We encourage you to bring snacks or sandwiches if you so desire. We take frequent breaks for gas, analysis, and personal needs so food and drink is usually plentiful.

With space at a premium, guests will need to pack light. We suggest a duffel travel bag and one small personal bag. Since the chase occurs in late May it should be mild to warm but a light coat, hoodie, or sweat shirt can come in handy after a big hailstorm.

The tswails chase team awaiting a tornado with storm chaser Sean Casey and his TIV (tornado intercept vehicle).


Even though the chase will take place during the heart of the season, there can be down days where the pattern becomes unfavorable for regular (daily) severe weather episodes. In general, storms are found in some part of the Plains or Midwest but if the distance is too great or it makes sense to hold tight for a better opportunity, we may have a down day or two. If that's the case and we get into what's called "severe clear", we come up with alternatives that will still make for a great personal experience.

For example, we may tour a place like the Tornado Museum in Wakita, Oklahoma where much of the movie Twister was filmed. We may visit towns like Joplin, Missouri, Moore, Oklahoma, or Greensburg, Kansas where violent EF5 tornadoes have changed the landscape and culture of the communities. We may swing by the memorial for the late Tim Samaris who was killed by the massive 2.5 mile wide El Reno tornado while doing research. Or there is always the Storm Prediction Center, a favorite stop of the team. We might even visit Mt. Rushmore or one of the great national parks that cover tornado alley. Rest assured, we like fun and entertainment as much as you and we'll make the best of a down day or two should they happen.