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DAY THREE. The Chase continues. We rocketed north of Denver Colorado (by the way the traffic going through downtown Denver is miserable) to Nebraska. We zeroed in on a super cell and followed it through the plains. We saw something incredibly strange and beautiful. A rainbow in a box. Terry said it was a hail shaft that was illuminated by a shaft of sunlight and the sun rays off the ice crystals created this prism effect-like rainbow.

The super cell gave us some spectacular photos opportunities. It produced hail, lightning, and some gusting winds, but no tornadoes...exactly what we expected. We knew this was not going to be a tornado day.

So we have hunkered in Scottsbulff, Nebraska tonight. We have good news...bad news scenario. The bad news is that Thursday is not going to be a chase day. The parameters are the same as the past two days. That means there will be thunderstorms but they will be marginally severe but not tornado producers.

So the good news is we are close to the Black Hills of South Dakota and as we await what looks like a good day Friday, we will become tourists!

The game plan, at this point, is to head to Rapids City, South Dakota where we will enjoy the sights and sounds of the city and experience one of the country's most iconic tourist attractions... Mount Rushmore.

Can you name the four presidents that are carved into the face of a mountain? Well if you can...there are stars in your crown. For those who can't ...let me help you out. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Rosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson!

So you can expect some typical tourist images as we take our down day in advance of much more promising chase situation on Friday.

In the meantime...Remember to Roll Weather!


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