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Much of the nations mid-section has been involved in an active weather pattern this week. Strong to severe thunderstorms have been common. In fact the past 4 days the Storm Prediction Center has registered 1,369 severe weather reports as of 10:30 Thursday evening. You can see the individual days starting with Monday. Why couldn't this have happened when I was chasing! Ugh...




By all accounts severe storms remain a threat for a couple more days until a major impulse shuts the pattern down on Sunday. As of Thursday night the Storm Prediction Center has this area highlighted for severe weather Friday.

Here's where the storms are shown Friday evening as they approach the enhanced risk area.

On Saturday the threat remains but it's further east over the central Midwest. The set-up still has the potential to produce a significant severe weather outbreak over extreme eastern Iowa, Missouri, and much of Illinois. The current SPC outlook has a slight risk but I expect this will be upgraded to a greater level by Friday morning.

Here's Saturday's storms at 7:00pm moving southeast out of Iowa.

I'm going to leave it at that for now. I've put out more than 15 severe thunderstorm warnings today and I expect to issue a lot more before things back off Sunday. When it storms it pours. Roll weather...TS

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