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Less than two week ago we were talking about 90 degree temperatures and high humidity. This weekend is a whole different story with below normal temperatures and a spring feeling in the air. Check out the temperatures and dew points from Saturday evening:

Clouds and showers and storms helped keep things a little cooler in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and northeastern Iowa. The rest of the Upper Midwest saw a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures that are about 10 degrees below normal! On top of that, dew points were in the 40s and 50s! Very dry air for this time of year, making it feel nice and comfortable.

We'll copy and paste Saturday's weather right on to Sunday and Monday.

Cool, dry air will stick around with a few scattered showers, especially around the Great Lakes Region both Sunday and Monday. What's really going to be noticeable are the nights.. Here's the projected low temperatures for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday mornings -

There are even some upper 30s showing up in Minnesota and the Dakotas some nights! Clear skies, dry air and light winds are a recipe for these cool conditions and even potentially near record low temperatures! Looks like if any night is going to do it - it's going to be Monday night into Tuesday morning. Here are the records:

Temperatures will start to moderate closer to normal by the end of the upcoming week with an approaching storm. Until then, cool is the rule! RK

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