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The break was nice while it lasted. Well.. it was a *very* short break. Dew points were down in the 50s and 60s across parts of the Upper Midwest Friday afternoon - not something you get every day in mid July!

Very dry air for this time of year settled in and made it feel comfortable. It also aided in keeping temperatures nearly 10 degrees below normal in parts of my local area. That was the good stuff.. by Saturday afternoon we'll be feeling the humidity once again.

Both the European and GFS have dew points back into the 70s Saturday afternoon and it looks like they will be there each afternoon over the next at least five days. With more moisture in the air, the chance for showers and storms will go back up. The first chance comes with a cold front late Saturday/early Sunday.

The Storm Prediction Center has outlined parts of Wisconsin and Iowa Saturday night. Some storms could be strong to severe with strong winds and large hail.

Terry spoke about it in an earlier post, but it looks like the pattern reloads and we could be in for an active week. It's definitely going to be hot and humid but the question is where storms set up. Models have different ideas right now -- check out the next seven days on the European and GFS

Most of this rain comes after Wednesday so there should be a few days of dry time. Parts of the Midwest can use some relief after flooding this past week. The other side of the coin is parts of the Midwest that have been dry. Check out the latest drought monitor.

So there are folks that can use the rain and hopefully it hits in the right spots next week. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, the weekend should be pretty nice - just a little sticky! RK

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