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Dry air has settled into the Midwest and this weekend will likely be one of the best weekends of the summer thus far.

Northwest flow has set up aloft and that's going to keep drier, cooler air around through the weekend. Temperatures are going to be pretty similar Saturday and Sunday.

Humidity is going to be (relatively) low both days. Check out these dew points!

Littered with 50s and 60s - nice and comfortable (especially for the end of July). Plus it's a big difference from the last few weeks, when dew points of 75+ were not uncommon. The dry air is going to stick around - here's the rainfall expected over the next five days on the European and GFS models:

Pretty meager - especially in areas that need it. Check out the latest Drought Monitor -

Many of us need the break from the summery weather since we've had a lot of heat, humidity and storms. But many places - Central Iowa in particular - could use some rain.

For now it's calm and comfortable. Open up the windows and enjoy the not so summery weekend in July!


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