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A cold front moved through the Midwest and Friday, August 11th felt more like September!

Dry air is going to hang around through the weekend and it's going to feel nice and comfortable. Days will be in the 70s and low 80s and nights will be crisp in the 50s. Check out the lows Sunday morning:

Dew points are going to be low through the weekend and into the start of next week. One interesting note is how there are pockets of lower dew points in areas of dry/drought conditions:

There are signs summer may make a comeback next week. The GFS shows dew points getting well back into the 70s by Wednesday....

This will lend itself to showers and thunderstorms during the middle/end of next week. Hopefully the summery pattern sticks, especially for drought stricken areas in the Midwest.

One last note... even though meteor is in the title of meteorologist, we don't study meteors... but space is pretty neat. The solar eclipse of August 21st has been the talk of the town, but this weekend the Perseid Meteor Shower is going to peak. With all the dry air in place skies will be mostly clear across the Midwest for the peak of the shower on Friday and Saturday nights... for more info click here.


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