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If there's one thing you just had to notice about the weather the last day or two, it's the drop in temperatures. Readings have declined 24 degrees here in Cedar Rapids going from a high of 92 Monday to 68 Wednesday. Similar falls have been experienced all around the Midwest.

If you take into consideration the low of 42 I'm expecting Friday morning, the range in temeperature reaches 50 degrees! Not bad. This has put an end to our late season heat wave which included 5 consecutive days in the 90s. The only other time that's been accomplished was back in 1978.

From the looks of things, seasonal weather will prevail into the weekend before we begin another warm-up next week. I'm not expecting any 90s yet but 80s seem quite attainable. You can see on this graphic how the warmth returns by next Tuesday. Also note the weekend looks dry and comfortable.

The trend of overall warmth appears as though it will prevail the rest of October. Here's the day 5-10 departures showing the coming 80s.

Now here's the forecast departure for the rest of October.

This is a radical change from the 2nd half of summer. Look how cool the Midwest was in August.

Now here's the month of September nearly complete. A stark contrast.

The warmth at least initially won't come with much precipitation in my local area as the best forcing stays over the western Midwest. Here's the EPS ensemble 6 day rainfall forecast.

However, the rains shift east in the 2 week period and the rainfall numbers go up all around the Midwest. That would be welcome news for those areas still suffering from significant dryness.

In the short term, excellent weather will hold sway with cool nights, pleasant days, and plenty of sunshine through the weekend...the stuff fall is known and loved for. Roll weather...TS

P.S Thanks to the lovely Carolyn Wettstone Swails for filling in for me yesterday. I got hold of some funky virus and it hit hard and fast. I'm much improved today.

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