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Showers and storms have ended and it will be dry to end the weekend. Below are the totals from Thursday to Friday morning. Most of the rain fell in northern Iowa to southern Minnesota tapering off to the southeast.

It will be nice and comfortable on Sunday and a bit warmer with full on sunshine.

It will be dry through the start of the week and then another cold front will move through on Tuesday.

Rainfall totals will be between 0.5" to 1.0" through Wednesday morning:

Temperatures will drop behind this system with temperatures close to normal through the middle of the week. Below is a meteogram of the next 16 days for Cedar Rapids to show the temperature trend.

Temperatures go back up toward the end of the week ahead of another storm system that will arrive over the weekend and then drop temperatures once again for the week of the 16th. Here's the 10-day precipitation totals on the GFS and European models:

Seems like there will be lower rainfall amounts in Illinois with the higher amounts the further north and west you go. Moisture levels won't be overly high and so rainfall totals won't be very high but every little bit helps with the extreme deficits still in place.


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