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Christmas is less than 2 months away and that means the white gold season is coming fast. Already snow cover has coated a large part of Eurasia, Alaska and northern Canada and its quickly spreading south.

As of Tuesday, there was more above normal snowfall than below.

And just look at this, the next 16 days promise much more in areas that don't have it now.

Also the 46 day EPS snowfall forecast keeps building the snow cover south. Here's its forecast through December 8th.

Many of you have heard rumblings that snowflakes will fall this weekend. Indeed, that will be the case but whether they get into my area is still in doubt. Everything is contingent on a deep trough and upper air low that is projected to drop into Minnesota and Wisconsin Friday and Saturday.

Without a doubt the heavier snows will be over the upper Midwest near and north of the associated surface low. Here it is Friday morning

However, there is enough wrap around moisture and cold air advection for some rain showers (that change to snow showers or flurries) to make it as far south as Iowa and perhaps northern Illinois. You can see that depicted late Friday or Friday evening on the GFS.

Unless the system can dig a bit further south, I doubt my area will see much more than a few flurries or snow showers, maybe not even that in the south. The exception would be my northwestern counties where a few spots could get a dusting on elevated surfaces. This would be most likely north of HWY 20. The 0z 3kNAM shows this for snowfall.

A larger perspective. My friends up north doing it up right.

The GFS came in with this for snow totals.

One thing is for sure, the weekend is going to be cold, especially Friday and Saturday. Highs both days will hang in the upper 30s to low 40s with a stiff northwest wind.

Overall, a nice taste of winter. Roll weather...TS

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