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Ten days of temperatures being below normal in much of the Midwest. Cooler air is moving in and will lead to several more days of below normal temps. Sunday there was a wide spread in temperatures and in weather conditions.

Clouds once again were in place in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Down to the south temperatures climbed into the 60s and 70s and severe thunderstorms (including tornadoes) developed Sunday afternoon.

To the north there is a pretty decent snowpack in place for early November...

Now a trough is being carved into the Upper Midwest and will knock temperatures back as we begin the new week.

Temperatures will be about 10 to 20 degrees cooler than Sunday.

Additionally, turning the clocks back we've now lost some sunlight. And we will lose more sunlight as we head toward the Winter Equinox.

Average temperatures will be falling during this time and the likelihood of snow will be increasing. In my local area, the first inch of snow typically occurs in late November to early December. Over the next week we're not looking at much snow or really much precipitation at all (outside of lake effect snow).

Regardless it's going to be chilly this week with temperatures near and below the freezing mark at night and in the afternoon.


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