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For the most part November has been cool and pretty quiet. The first 19 days of the month have been several degrees below normal as a whole in the Midwest.

Precipitation has been below normal as well. The reds, oranges and yellows are indicating 50% or less than normal precipitation for the month so far.

There is nothing too special or crazy about the weather over the next few days. Temperatures will be fluctuating through the week. It starts with a high note Monday afternoon:

A cold front will move through Monday night, but with little moisture the front will only bring some clouds. It will drop the temperatures and crank up the winds on Tuesday.

Temperatures will be over 10 degrees cooler than Monday and temperatures may even fall a bit in the afternoon. Winds will be kicking around 15 to 30 mph Tuesday, increasing through the day. That will make it feel colder. Wind chills Tuesday afternoon:

Temperatures will be going up and down with a ridge largely dominating the western U.S. and a few troughs digging into the Midwest.

But with little moisture around... precipitation will be hard to come by this week.

And the days are already pretty short nowadays with just under 10 hours of daylight... and we're still losing daylight. Here's a map showing how much more light we use between Thanksgiving and Christmas:

Overall... nothing too special about the week ahead!


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