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After a cool start to November the month will be ending mild. The first 14 days of the month were below normal. November 10th the high temperature was 32 degrees... and on the 24th the high was 71.

With the recent warmth, the temperatures have started to even out and the departures are only a degree or three below normal for the month so far. The warmth continues as we end the weekend and start next week. Temperatures are going to soar into the 50s, 60s and 70s in parts of the Midwest once again Monday afternoon:

The GFS may even be too low in parts of the Midwest and temperatures could be 5 to 10 degrees warmer in spots. This will once be out ahead of a cold front that will increase the winds to around 15 to 25 mph Monday.

The front will come through early Tuesday and may lead to some light rain or drizzle, but primarily clouds. Temperatures don't drop much behind the front. On Wednesday temperatures will still be nearly 10 degrees above normal:

And it will remain mild on the last day of the month. Here are the temperature departures for November 30th:

This will even things out and November will likely end up being pretty close to normal overall.


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