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We finally got the cold and it begs the question... where's the snow? Of course Terry has been detailing the pattern and lack of moisture in the Midwest. And we have seen some flakes around here... but nothing compared to what has fallen in the southeastern U.S. Thursday and Friday!

Huge flakes... they look like they belong here! Those flakes produced *inches* of snow from Texas through the Carolinas and will continue Saturday. Here's a look at the snow across the country so far this season as of Friday morning:

This map doesn't include several inches that have fallen around Atlanta, Georgia. Even the possibility some parts of the Florida Panhandle could pick up snow. The astounding thing is... parts of the south have picked up more snow that many cities in the Midwest! An incredible snowstorm for the south and a record setter - many cities saw their earliest snowfall ever.

Winter Storm Warnings were issued across the south due to this... the National Weather Service in the Quad Cities hasn't issued a Winter Storm Warning in nearly a year! Of course there are different requirements for warnings across the country but we haven't had any action yet! And it doesn't look like we'll see much in the short term...

Next seven days on GFS:

And the Euro:

If you're wondering.. typically we see the first inch of snow in early December. Doesn't look like we'll get it over the next week, though.

In the near-term we are going to have a blustery Saturday. Behind a clipper moving through Friday night, another shot of cold air will move in.

Winds are going to be kicking out of the northwest around 15 to 30 mph, which will make it feel much colder... Afternoon wind chills:

We have the chill, but you'll have to travel a ways down south for snow! RK

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