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The white gold came and did not disappoint (of course, if you're a snow lover!). Snow prompted the first Winter Storm Warning parts of my area in over a year. The biggest snow since March of this year as fluffy flakes flew down for several hours Friday.

Now fresh snow is down and an arctic air mass is going to move in. Temperatures will drop below zero in many parts of the Midwest and likely remain below *zero* for several days. Temperatures will likely drop below zero in parts of my area Saturday morning and not climb above zero until Tuesday. That's about 60-70 hours of sub-zero temperatures. The last time there was a streak that long was back in December of 1983.

The high temperatures Saturday look like this:

And then Sunday's highs...

But the worst of it comes Monday morning.. a big 'ol arctic high will settle in.

1052 ooooo eeee! That is one strong ridge. That, along with the snowpack, will lead to temperatures tanking into the teens below zero.

Record lows will be possible in parts of the Midwest. I'm currently thinking we'll bust the record in Cedar Rapids (-14, 1974) by a couple of degrees.

The wind will be just enough to produce bitter wind chills on top of the bitter cold already in place.

Wind Chill Advisories have been posted out ahead of this cold. Bitter wind chills (-15 to -40) will be possible Saturday morning through Tuesday.

The new year will be ushered in by frigid temperatures. Stay warm!


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