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Skies cleared after yesterday's snow and now the transition is on to some of the coldest weather since the winter of 2013-14. On the visible satellite you can see the snow pack covering my area. Bare ground shows up clearly in Kansas and Missouri.

Here's a recap of where and how much snow fell Friday.

Another perspective.

One more disturbance is set to clip parts of the region Saturday night as it races southeast. It's shown weakening and shearing out as it comes into the area.

Any snow that falls will again be very light and fluffy. It will range from flurries in the north to a dusting in the south. The heaviest will be way out in NW Iowa and South Dakota. I like what the 3k NAM is showing for amounts below at about a 22:1 ratio.

All the fresh snow cover the past 48 hours will be a key contributor to the bitter cold that follows over the holiday and coming week. Look at the lows the GFS cranks out the next 10 days. 7 out of 8 days have below zero lows. Highs do not get above zero for 3 consecutive days.

New Years morning is still projected to be the coldest. I expect widespread lows of 15 to 25 below. Already the NWS has issued a wind chill warning for most of my area that includes chills of 20 to 40 below. The NWS put out the graphic with a reminder of how dangerous 30-40 below wind chills are.

The GFS is producing wind chills that look like this.

Don't forget to protect your pets, check on the elderly and others who are less fortunate. Here's a few key safety tips.

Stay warm and remember, spring is less than 3 months away! Roll weather...TS

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