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So far it has been an arctic beginning to 2018. In Cedar Rapids the average temperature of the first four days of January is -4.4 degrees! The temperature departures for the Midwest are almost off the charts!

As of Friday morning the snowpack is still looking good!

The good news is the arctic high pressure systems that have been holding temperatures in the single digits will be moving out. We have one more frigid day Saturday and then temperatures will be much more seasonal for the second half of the weekend. Highs Saturday --

Highs Sunday -- temperatures five to six times warmer than Saturday!

The "warm" up comes as an unorganized storm moves through the Midwest on Sunday.

Overall accumulation will be light, but there is the potential for a wintry mix with temperatures near and above freezing aloft and at the surface. Snowfall totals will generally be under a half an inch:

Total precipitation (mainly in the form of rain):

Even after this system passes temperatures will stay near and even above normal through much of the upcoming work week. Double digits will be the norm - above zero this time!


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