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The cold has arrived and is here to stay for a while. Many of us in the Midwest got to experience a few days of above normal temperatures and then we were right back in the thick of it Friday. The new sleet and snow cover helped keep temperatures down below 20 across much of my local area.

High pressure will continue to move closer to the area and Saturday will be even colder than Friday.

The GFS does a good job of showing the impact the snowpack will have on the temperatures. We will get a little "bump" in the temperatures - about 10 degrees warmer - on Sunday as a clipper moves through the Upper Midwest.

Snow will be moving through primarily after sunset on Sunday and into Monday morning. Because of the cold air in place this will be a fluffy snow. And there's pretty good consistency on amounts. Here are the latest numbers. Here's the GFS:

The 3k NAM:

The NAM -- which has been the most inconsistent lately:

And the Euro:

In general one to three inches in my local area - with the higher amounts in northeastern Iowa and into Wisconsin. Snow will wind down early Monday, but winds will pick up. The fluffy snow could easily get blown around and lead to slick conditions on the roads.

After much of the white gold melted it would be nice to see some fresh powder. Luckily it won't be much and it will be easy to shovel!


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