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The biggest snowfall event (so far) this winter in my local area will unfold on Monday. Now advisories have been posted across the state of Iowa and into portions of Wisconsin and Illinois.

Winter Weather Advisories are posted through the day for the potential of 3 to 6 inches of snow. There will be some locally higher amounts, up to 8", possible where banding occurs Monday afternoon and evening.

Here's the hi-resolution NAM depicting the timing of the system -

Light snow will begin Monday morning from west to east. Heavier, steadier snow after 1 pm and fluffy snow will begin to pile up quickly.

Temperatures are also going to be pretty cold through the afternoon.

With temperatures in the teens snowfall ratios will check in around 20:1 so it will be a very fluffy snow - easy to shovel but many will have to shovel 3 to 6" by Monday night. Here's a wide view on the European through Monday night -

Zoomed in -