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Many parts of my local area have experienced 8 to 10 straight days of measurable snowfall. For many spots this is the longest stretch of measurable snowfall on record. Cedar Rapids has had nine straight days of snowfall which is the longest stretch ever, second to seven days in 2007.

The last round that moved through Saturday night dropped an inch to four inches of additional snow.

The last seven days (excluding the snowfall above) look like this around the Midwest for snowfall - pretty impressive!

Now the weather is really calming down and temperatures will begin to moderate. Here are the high temperatures expected over the next three days -

I think the temperatures Wednesday afternoon a too high. With all of the snow on the ground it likely is going to be a couple of degrees lower than the model above. The weather will also be pretty calm through the week. Here's the next seven days of snowfall -

Not really too much happening this week other than chipping away at the snowpack with some warmer temperatures.


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