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Another strong storm is on its way to the Midwest. A dynamic system with plenty of moisture and forcing is expected to bring significant precipitation to many areas beginning tonight. You can see the storm coming together on the high-res satellite. Notice the gulf opening up with clouds streaming rapidly north.

The Sunday surface map shows the intense storm wrapping up over Colorado with strong winds howling across the central U.S.

Multiple advisories are in effect including winter storm watches from Minnesota and Wisconsin into NE Iowa. Blizzard warnings are flying over South Dakota.

The center of the storm will track slowly southeast from South Dakota through Iowa Monday before advancing into Illinois Tuesday. For my area, precipitation will initially start as rain and then transition to light snow or flurries later Monday. While snow totals will be minimal some areas could see an inch or two of accumulation. Here's the forecast snowfall and total precipitation from the EURO through Tuesday.

The GFS through the same period.

As you can see there is good consistency between the 2 models regarding placement and intensity of precipitation. Thus, there is high confidence that a significant March storm will rattle the Midwest tonight through Tuesday. More to come. Roll weather...TS

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