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The week ahead looks to be one of progress when it comes to temperatures. The week starts chilly with a pronounced NW flow.

Highs are struggling to reach freezing Tuesday...10-15 degrees below normal.

However, the pattern flips by the weekend when the east coast trough is replaced by a ridge. A new trough digs into the west.

The resulting SW flow brings springlike warmth into the MIdwest. The GFS has this for highs Saturday and Sunday. It's possible the first 70 degree highs of the year could be attained. Readings could end up 20-30 degrees above normal.

Saturday March 17th.

Sunday March 18th.

The temperature anomalies Sunday-Thursday.

And now Friday-Tuesday. What a change.

It also appears conditions will remain dry in my local area through Friday. Now that's what I call a week of progress. Roll weather...TS

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