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A HUGE THANK YOU TO SHRINER'S HOSPITAL IN ST. LOUIS! Eden and I came home this weekend after a week's stay at Shriner's Hospital in St. Louis. Eden has been a life-long patient there receiving care for her genetic bone disease. This time it was determined that her legs were progressing in a way that would cause her lifetime pain, bone weakness, and arthritis. So without hesitation, the Drs. scheduled her for surgery during our stay. Eden was so excited to have her legs corrected...below this is Eden before surgery, then the metal plates that were bolted onto her growth plates at the knees to straighten her legs, and finally Eden leaving the hospital on lots of pain killers! She is doing great recuperating at home. Again we could not be more grateful or appreciative for the amazing doctors, nurses, and staff at Shriners. They have been a godsend and a gift to us. Carolyn

Eden before surgery at Shriner's Hospital for Children in St. Louis, Mo.

Eden had two plates bolted on to her growth plates on the inside of each knee. This will prevent her interior growth plates from moving, but will allow the outside growth plates to continue growing and hopefully within the year correct her legs so that she walks without pain.

Eden leaving the hospital on lots of pain killers! She did great and is recuperating at home using a walker until the pain is under control.

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