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If only the weather was playing an April Fools joke on us... Spring continues to stay far away from the Midwest. In fact temperatures dropped into the teens Sunday morning and wind chills were in the single digits in parts of the Upper Midwest!

Dubuque's low of 16 degrees set a new record!

Sunday will go down as one of the coldest Easter's on record, too! High of 33 degrees in Cedar Rapids was the coldest Easter since 1975!

Plus portions of the Midwest picked up snow!

Another system moves in Monday night into Tuesday and with bring rain and snow to the Midwest. A bit further north than Sunday's system.

Snow will accumulate near the Iowa/Minnesota border and southern Minnesota and Wisconsin will get the brunt of this system.

And... the chill doesn't let up, either. Temperatures the next three days in much of the Upper Midwest will be more typical of mid February...

Monday's highs -

Tuesday's highs -

Wednesday's highs -

Andddd it doesn't stop there. Here's the outlook from the Climate Prediction Center April 7th through 11th.

No April Fools here... winter is still rolling! Temperatures will remain below normal through the 11th.

Hope you had a great Easter....


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