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April showers bring May flowers... does that include snow showers?

Snow fell for much of the day Sunday and will continue through early Monday in the Upper Midwest. As of 3 am Monday several inches have fallen.

And more will fall through the night into Monday. Snow will move east into Missouri, Illinois and Indiana and wind down late Monday morning.

This is additional snowfall expected from Sunday night through Monday morning -

On April 8th of last year temperatures were in the 70s... but on April 8th 45 years ago... a big April snowstorm was moving through the Midwest. Snowfall totals over a foot were not uncommon...

14.5" fell in Cedar Rapids with 20.3" of snow in Belle Plaine, Iowa. Impressive for April!! One thing about April snow is that it doesn't stick around long. Temperatures will be warming up through the week... and spring will even show it's face!

Temperatures Monday and Tuesday will still be below normal....

By Wednesday we could crack 60 in many parts of the Midwest for the first time in nearly a month and a half.

And it looks like by Friday many of us will crack 70 degrees! This will be the latest first 70 degree day (in a calendar year) we've had since 2008!

After a wintry weekend we deserve a little spring! RK

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