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Another winter storm has come and gone. Hopefully, this is the last one for many months to come. This system directed its venom on northern Iowa as well as far southern Minnesota and Wisconsin. The heavy snow band ended up about 50-70 miles further north than models indicated sparing areas south of HWY 20. However, where thundersnow occurred in the primary axis over a foot of snow was reported in spots. Here's some totals from the Iowa Mesonet as of 8pm Wednesday.

Another view showing the narrow but impressive snow band. Specific amounts are shown on the right.

The storm also produced another very cold April day. Dubuque, Iowa set a record cold high temperature for the date with a reading of only 32. The previous mark was 40 set in 1953. Other cities with recold maximums include Waterloo at 32. Cedar Rapids 34, and Moline at 36.

The cold has dominated April with the monthly temperature departure for the country looking like this.

For the nation as a whole, only 1983 and 1997 had April's that were colder at this point in the month. Here in Cedar Rapids we are running 13 degrees below per day, our coldest start ever to the month of April. 9 of the 18 days highs have remained in the 30s. That is remarkable considering the days start getting shorter in 2 months!

While we see some nice improvement later this week, we'll still remain below the norms which are in the low to mid 60s. Here's the temperature departures forecast the next 10 days which runs us out to the end of April.

On a positive note, May is shown close to normal.

Then things are forecast to heat up. Look at the departures for June. Above normal for many parts of the country. Making up for lost time, I hope.

Meantime, the sun will be out tomorrow and slowly but surely temperatures will start to climb. By Sunday highs should reach 60 over much of area. A step in the right direction! Roll weather...TS

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