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Crazy day on the storm chasing trail with the 2018 "Into The Storm" chase powered by Dahl Ford. A big thank you to Dahl Ford for our very fine storm chasing vehicle. She's a sweet ride!

Yesterday we found ourselves in central Nebraska and followed a supercell all afternoon and into the evening. The cell produced dangerous winds, severe lightning, and hail. At one point, the lightning started grass fires in the fields across from us. The Nebraskans' don't mess around. They had fire trucks on the job within minutes! Some of the day's highlights include losing a team member and finding him again (Joe had discovered Chester's Chicken), seeing a landspout, phenomenal shelf clouds, a nighttime funnel cloud, and ending the day with a Bud Light (Terry), Blue Moon (me), Bud Light (Kholby), and Sam Addams (Joe). Well, you get the idea.

Rebecca has loaded all the videos from the day in chronological order. So go ahead and click on the videos....they are pretty darn entertaining. You can follow us as we traveled through the Great Plains on our most singular adventure.

We will be posting more today on our journey. Stay tuned!

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